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Pawnee Mental Health Services Hits the Road with Remarkable Health’s CT|One Mobile App

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The delivery of quality behavioral health services comes with many challenges, especially in terms of portable documentation platforms. In order to assure compliance and billing efficiencies, providers need electronic health record (EHR) technology that can move with their clinicians and synch seamlessly back to the home office—especially when clinicians spend the bulk of their day serving clients in outlying locations.

Pawnee Mental Health Services (PMHS), headquartered in Manhattan, Kansas, serves 10 counties, many of them deeply rural. The not-for-profit organization provides a range of onsite and community-based services for adults and adolescents, including substance abuse and addiction recovery issues and emotional health support.

PMHS began looking for a behavioral health EHR solution in 2016. The organization decided on Remarkable Health’s fully integrated and ONC-certified EHR system, which includes clinical documentation, client engagement tools, billing interfaces and data analytics. The new system gave the agency all the functionality it desired—but only from the home office.

“When we compared other systems, we decided Remarkable Health’s EHR system was the best one for us, but we really needed a mobile application as well,” explains Shelli Schottler, LMSW, Community Services Director at PMHS. “So, in 2018, we agreed to be a beta test site for its new mobile app.”

Getting Mobile

PMHS began by introducing the CT|One Mobile app to 10 of its technology-savvy clinicians—about 10 percent of its staff. The agency’s clinicians use the app on smartphones, giving them access to client lists, client demographic information, case management documentation, scheduling tools and other features.

As an integral part of the project, the agency’s clinicians provide regular input on ease of use, functionality and the clinical and business improvements gained through the mobile functionality.

“We have weekly meetings with the Remarkable Health product team to provide our user feedback and pass along any issues we find.”

Continuity From the Field

Over the years, EHR systems have matured into great storage tools, but haven’t always been good travel companions. One of the biggest game-changers for PMHS was giving its clinicians the ability to tap into the client demographic information, case notes and appointment lists stored in its Remarkable Health EHR system from anywhere – regardless if they had an internet connection or not.

The CT|One mobile app gives clinicians the power of knowledge and efficiency before, during and after a client visit. From an Andriod or iOS smartphone, an agency worker can view client appointments for the next several days, create client notes at each visit and tap into information on the next client. The app saves all documentation and automatically sends the updated data to the agency’s EHR whenever the clinician logs in from a WiFi-capable area.

Being able to document securely from the road erases the distance between the home EHR and the field staff—and eliminates the risk of outdated client record information or not meeting compliance requirements.

Tracking updated appointment data on the mobile platform also saves clinicians from unnecessary travel if a client reschedules an appointment with short notice or changes service locations, a significant time-saver in rural areas where clients can be many miles apart.

Workforce Efficiencies

PMHS has seen many advantages to using the mobile app, but helping staff work better and smarter is the key workforce impact.

“I think the efficiency is probably the biggest advantage,” Schottler says. “The mobile app helps our staff stay more informed and know what is happening with the client before arriving for a visit. Based on the staff member’s role, the app enables clinicians to pull up notes from other providers quickly, which is helpful when our staff members are meeting with other agencies or individuals. That helps us work efficiently and be professional to others.”

Schottler remembers her own days in the field before electronic documentation tools were common. “Before EHRs, I’d have my client list on paper and would write my notes in my car on the way to my next appointment,” she recalls. Now, clinicians need deep case management tools and the ability to capture documentation at every remote site visit, both for efficiency and accuracy.”

“Clinicians are expected to be billing an eight-hour day, but depending on their jobs, they could be out in the field for anywhere from four to six hours a day,” Schottler says. “So that doesn’t give them a lot of time to sit down and document at their computers like an onsite therapist might be able to do.”

Documentation = Billing

Over the past few years, the expectations of timely billing documentation have condensed greatly. In today’s business environment, being able to document accurately and efficiently is becoming a key attribute of agency success—since it all comes down to how quickly the complete service delivery record moves to the claims processing stage.

Being able to capture and save documentation electronically from the field allows clinicians to complete their service documentation for faster billing—something PMHS says has improved its bottom line. “It used to be you could spend a day out in the field and do your documentation later, but now the expectation is basically 24 hours,” Schottler explains. “So, it’s very important for our staff to be able to document what services were delivered in a much shorter time frame.”

As business expectations increasingly connect timely documentation to revenue cycle management, behavioral health agencies are realizing their needs for EHR technology have shifted from being “paper-replacement tools” to becoming a technology partner in client outcomes management and agency efficiencies.

What’s Next

Next on PMHS’ wish list for app functionality is an easier way to accommodate client handoffs—passing an assigned client list from one clinician to another. And, sooner or later, Schottler says, speech-to-text technology will become every clinician’s next craving. Now that they are incorporating the mobile app into their everyday workflows, they plan to take full advantage of the documentation efficiency features already available, like text-to-speech, tagging, signatures and more.

The ultimate future for EHR mobile apps is to be to be able to do anything a clinician can do in the office, but from anywhere. “Ultimately, we’d love it if the entire EHR was accessible from the mobile app,” Schottler says. “That would allow clinicians to see the full treatment plans and maybe even the deeper conversations between behavioral health and primary care physicians.”


About Remarkable Health

For over 25 years, Remarkable Health has pioneered innovation through technology for behavioral health and DD providers. Our integrated suite of outcomes management, EHR and mobile technology arms providers with the tools they need to improve client outcomes by spending less time on documentation and inefficient workarounds and more time delivering value-based care and engagement. To learn more about the CT|One EHR and the CT|One Mobile app, contact us at (480) 550-8077 or visit our website at

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Top 3 Features Within EHR Mobile Apps That Improve Documentation Efficiency for Community Behavioral Health Providers

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Community Behavioral Health providers can often face numerous challenges related to the documentation of services.  Providers often support large caseloads while needing to maintain productivity, meet documentation requirements and maintain exceptional client care.  With the increase in demand for providers to become more efficient, we look to technology for assistance in meeting these needs. After interviewing providers and partnering with them to develop the Remarkable Health EHR application, there were 3 features that stood out as critical to create efficiencies for staff delivering services and documenting care. These features include the ability to assist providers with efficiency and accuracy when documenting, ensuring documentation is signed and up-to-date, and creating and scheduling follow-up appointments.

Feature #1: Tagging Increases Efficiency and Accuracy When Documenting Care

Writing progress notes can be a time-consuming task. While some providers may write their notes directly after services are provided, there are many instances where notes are not written until several days after the contact with the client, which increases the chances of inaccuracies and/or missing facts.  With its simplistic look and feel, Remarkable Health’s EHR mobile application allows providers to enter notes with speed and accuracy, while maintaining the clinical workflow. While decreasing the time it takes to enter clinical notes is a positive step, accuracy and efficiency is the number one goal of the app. To increase the likelihood of clinically sound notes, we added a “tagging” feature to the EHR mobile application. The tagging feature allows the user to select a category in the assessment section of the progress note, which in turn, creates the beginning of a clinically appropriate progress note.  During the session with the client, the provider can continue to quickly select key words to develop their assessment. For example, if the client had a flat affect, the provider is simply tagging “flat affect” and the application will provide the following language “The client presents with a flat affect as evidenced by…” allowing the provider to add additional context to create a unified language with a client specific feel.

Feature #2: Simplified Signature Capabilities Makes it Easy to Keep Documentation Up-to-Date

Remarkable Health’s EHR mobile application allows a provider to review the client’s consent form(s) regardless of the location or internet connection. The provider can then discuss the consent form(s) with the client and upon client agreement to the content(s), he or she will confirm the agreement for one or multiple forms.  Once confirmed, the client will only need to enter their signature once, which will populate on all accepted forms.  Immediately after the form(s) has been successfully reviewed and signed by the client, the updated version will seamlessly sync back to their clinical record.

Features #3: Ad Hoc Scheduling Improves the Client Experience – And Helps Keep Clients Engaged

As the contact with the client wraps up, it is now time to schedule a follow up appointment.  Remarkable Health’s EHR mobile application gives the provider the ability to review their schedule, find an opening and schedule their next appointment with the client.  This eliminates the need to call the office and speak to the front desk staff to schedule the next appointment, ultimately saving time for both the staff as well as the client.  All openings and next 10 consecutive appointments are available at your fingertips in the mobile application, thus creating a seamless workflow and positive experience for the client.

BONUS Feature:  A TRULY Offline Mobile Application Improves Coordination and Efficiency

It is important point out one additional bonus feature of Remarkable Health’s EHR mobile application, the ability to work offline.  All of the previously mentioned features to increase efficiencies can be completed without a cellular/Wi-Fi connection, resulting in a completely offline experience.  Within one client contact, the provider has efficiently reviewed and updated the client’s consent form, scheduled a follow up appointment and completed their progress note in an accurate and timely manner.

Ready to experience the Remarkable Difference? Visit our website to learn more about our mobile application and schedule a demo today.

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3 Ways Electronic Health Record (EHR) Mobile Apps can Improve Outcomes for Behavioral Health and DD Providers

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It is important to deliver high-quality behavioral health and DD services each time a provider encounters a client. These services can range from an initial session with a client to writing full fledge notes that document a client’s progress towards their goals and objectives. But with more services being delivered in the client’s home or community setting, providers are finding it difficult to get their notes done closer to the service delivery time, which can lead to inaccuracies or incomplete documentation for billing. In order to assure compliance and billing efficiencies, it’s critical that their electronic health record (EHR) technology move seamlessly with their clinicians and synch back to the home office—especially when they spend the bulk of their day serving clients in outlying locations. This need for an EHR mobile app roots directly from the crucial ability to work offline in remote areas with weak or no internet connection or access.

But beyond billing efficiencies, what benefits does a mobile EHR bring to providers to ensure improved client outcomes? To help answer this question, Matt Banyai, Product Manager at Remarkable Health, shares 3 ways a mobile-first EHR will not only help providers improve their billing inefficiencies, but also client engagement and outcomes.

#1: Mobile EHRs Will Improve the Client Experience

The last thing a clinician wants to do is stop care to document an event or progress. The right mobile EHR application should help clinicians validate, create, and edit certain areas of interest pertaining to their everyday job duties – without having to rely on internet connectivity. These include reviewing client demographics, clinical documentation, progress notes, and upcoming or historical appointments. With a mobile app, clinicians can easily search and review these areas of interest before, during, and post visits with their clients as desired. This ability is a game-changer in the fast-paced world of a behavioral health and DD clinician or staff member. Simply put: it creates more face-to-face time with the client to focus on their progress and well-being, instead of screen time documenting in the office before or after hours. Ultimately leading to a better experience for the clients receiving care.

#2: Mobile EHRs Reduce Documentation Costs – And Improve Work/Life Balance for Staff

The right mobile EHR application should impact a clinician’s workflow dramatically and work in a rural and offline environment. This capability will enable clinicians providing services in the community to practice most of their normal day-to-day duties at the tips of their fingers. This will not only increase the accuracy of data and clinical performance, but also the ability to schedule a follow-up session while still face-to-face with the client. The power of mobile means clinicians can create a real-time session progress note that is more intuitive and concise to the progress of their client before, during, or immediately after the session.  This should then seamlessly sync back to their EHR system of record. This eliminates the need to jot notes down on paper to then later re-create the typed version of the note in the system of record at home or in the office. As for scheduling follow-up sessions, clinicians can now schedule these additional sessions with real-time sync functionality, instantly visible in their agenda.  With real-time documentation at their fingertips, clinicians can now spend more time with their clients, document care – and still be home on time for dinner.

#3: Mobile EHRs Give Clinicians More Time to Focus on Goal Progress

Through recent studies and interviews with Remarkable Health partners, providers report that their clients are being positively impacted when clinicians use the Remarkable Health mobile EHR application.  This is mostly due to the app giving clinicians increased time with the client to focus on goal progress. Another notable impact is the mobile EHR increases the ability to meet clinician-to-client in the client’s environment of choice; meaning the client’s home, school or business – where they spend most of their time and are comfortable with their surroundings. Our clinicians state that meeting the client’s in their desired environments has allowed them to have clearer insight into the client’s needs and can focus on the progress during real-world situations.

Remarkable Health’s Mobile Companion App

Remarkable’s Mobile EHR app provides clinicians the ability to be more effective, efficient and work in an offline manner to meet the client’s everyday needs. As we continue to enhance the application, we are positively impacting the lives of not only the everyday clinician, but the clients as well – ultimately the why of all we do.

Visit our website to learn more about our mobile app and request a demo today.

Want to experience our Mobile EHR at NATCON?  Visit us in Booth 358.

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Practice Management Systems: What You Should Know

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If you’re struggling with several systems that don’t interface, you may be ready to consider an EHR that has an integrated practice management system.  An EHR with a built-in practice management system helps you condense your operational activities into one solution.

When you think of practice management systems, you may think of software installed on your computer or a server. This post will cover hosted practice management systems and what you should know.


The cost of a hosted practice management systems is decidedly less than the cost of purchasing software licenses for every user. Also, you bear the cost of upgrades when necessary, and managing and maintaining the software and hardware.

With a hosted system, your cost covers not only every user, maintenance, and storage, but also ongoing development such as new features and upgrades.

Consider the cost savings in not needing technical IT staff to monitor and maintain your system because the vendor provides it.

HIPAA compliance

Mental health professionals know the importance of HIPAA. Make sure any practice management system you consider is HIPAA compliant and encrypts data.

Also, if you want to be eligible for Meaningful Use in the future, choose an ONC-certified system.

Client intake

A practice management system must allow you to capture all the information necessary for your organization to function, like insurance ID, date of birth, referring doctor, and more.

Additional features you want to include are:

  • Emergency contact information
  • Integration with scheduling
  • The ability to capture custom fields
  • The ability to search and run reports on multiple criteria


Keeping track of appointments is necessary as is appointment scheduling.

Look for client integrations so you can see the client’s data at the same time you’re setting an appointment.

A must-have feature for most behavioral health organizations comprises automated appointment reminders via email, text, or phone.


A hosted practice management system provides features and functionality to make your staff and management more efficient and happy. Imagine the positive impact on your behavioral health organization.

The Remarkable Health difference

Remarkable Health (formerly known as ClaimTrak) is the leading Provider Success Software Company focused on the behavioral health and human services industries. For more than 25 years we have passionately focused on providing behavioral health, substance abuse, and human service organizations the tools they need to provide remarkable client experiences. We offer a purpose-built, integrated platform consisting of practice management and Electronic Health Record (EHR)—Clinical, Billing, Scheduling, Reporting, and Medication Management —for inpatient, outpatient, and residential facilities.

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Mental Health Practice Management Software for Behavioral Health Practitioners

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With many choices available for practice management software for mental health practices, it pays to do your research up front. Do you know what to look for and what questions to ask?

Here are seven areas you should consider when choosing a mental health practice management software.

  1. Security

One of the most important purposes of practice management software is to protect and secure its records.

Look for software that is HIPAA compliant, is ONC-certified, and encrypts data.

  1. Support

Technology is always a great boost to productivity and management, but what happens when issues arise? Evaluate vendors based on the support they offer.

You want a mental health practice management software provider who has plenty of people on staff to quickly and easily tackle any issues you have.

Also look for a vendor who provides training before, during, and after implementation.

  1. Size of your practice

Before reaching out to a mental health practice management software vendor, find answers to the following:

  • How many clients does your practice serve?
  • How many therapists are in your practice?

Some vendors price their systems based on how many therapists are active in your practice while others base price on how many clients you serve.

  1. Software requirements

Make a list of the issues you want the practice management software to help you solve. For example:

  • Do you want to monitor how your practice is growing and progressing?
  • Do you want to track client retention or no-show rates?
  • Do you need automated appointment reminders sent via text, phone, or email?

There are probably more issues you want to be solved. Make a list and compare vendors against it.

  1. Demo

You definitely need to see a software demonstration before you decide. Look for a vendor who can run mock data through their system based on the information you need to collect. This will help you determine if the practice management software helps you manage the parts of your practice you need most. Look for functionality like intake and scheduling, reporting and analytics, authorization management, and more.

  1. Cost

Cost is always a defining factor in the equation. Make sure you’re comparing like features to like features before comparing cost.

Also make sure the price quoted by the vendor includes everything you need, such as implementation, training, support, and data migration.

  1. Fully Integrated Platform

The most important component of selecting practice management software is choosing a system that is fully integrated with clinical, revenue cycle management, and data analytics. A fully integrated platform that offers all of these functionalities in a central location and one dashboard will help your organization achieve efficiencies that make a difference both to your bottom line and to your clients.


Once you’ve done your research, it’s time to decide.

Then, have your new fully integrated practice management/clinical/revenue cycle management/data analytics platform installed and give staff time to become comfortable with it. You will be pleasantly surprised at the difference this platform makes in your day-to-day operations.

The Remarkable Health difference

Remarkable Health is the industry-leading provider of a fully integrated EHR solution designed specifically for the needs of behavioral health organizations. With our flagship platform, CT|One, we have passionately focused for over 25 years on providing behavioral health, substance abuse, and human service organizations the tools they need to provide remarkable client experiences.

Call Remarkable Health today to schedule a demo to witness the power mental health practice management software can give your organization over its operations.

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Practice Management Systems for Behavioral Health Practices

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Behavioral health practice management systems can make your day-to-day operations a little less hectic.

Look for a behavioral health specific EHR platform with integrated practice management software tailored to your organization’s unique needs and workflows. It covers patient intake and scheduling, authorization management and much more.

Here are the key areas of functionality you need to look for when evaluating a behavioral health practice management system.

Client intake

Before you see clients, you need to register them. Make sure any system you consider stores all the information you need to collect for client intake.

Part of registering clients is to confirm their insurance. Look for practice management software that lets your staff check eligibility right from the application.

Finally, choose a system that automatically keeps a tally of how many visits a client’s payer allows and alerts you when you’re reaching the limit.

Client scheduling

When you choose a fully integrated practice management software solution, you get built-in scheduling. Software should make it easy to keep up with which client is coming in and with whom they have an appointment.

Identify a software system that sends automated appointment reminders via phone calls, text messages, or emails to help reduce your no-show rates.


You should be able to run reports to help you make smart business decisions about your practice’s operations. For example, you can run a report showing when clients have no-showed in the past month, or which provider is typically late in releasing notes.

Finally, you should be able to track and report on authorization management, so you know exactly how many visits an insurance or other payer covers.


The right practice management system for behavioral health organizations will make your life easier. It will also create efficiencies for your staff by streamlining your operations, so they spend less time on administrative work. Don’t discount the importance of happy staff to your behavioral health organization’s ultimate success.

The Remarkable Health difference

Remarkable Health’s flagship platform, CT|One, is a fully integrated EHR and practice management solution designed specifically for behavioral health, addiction, and mental health organizations. For more than 25 years, we have passionately focused on providing behavioral health, substance abuse, and human service organizations the tools they need to provide remarkable client experiences.

Contact Remarkable Health today to schedule a demo of CT|One to discover the power of a fully integrated behavioral health EHR/practice management solution.

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Healthcare Practice Management Software – What You Should Know

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What is practice management software for behavioral health practices? And how does it differ from an EHR? These are two important questions to ask to help you decide what exactly your agency needs from systems to help you manage your practice.

What is healthcare practice management software?

Behavioral health practice management software automates and streamlines the operational aspect of your healthcare practice. For example, you get comprehensive operational functionality that helps you manage and support authorization management, medication accountability, bed management, inventory, document tracking, and more.

An EHR system, on the other hand, is an electronic version of a paper chart.

How does healthcare practice management software differ from an EHR?

An EHR streamlines data entry for clinicians, assisting with assigning the correct codes. It also reduces or eliminates the paper chart needed.

Practice management systems manage the practice such as calendar and scheduling, intake, capturing demographics, a client portal, and more.

Do you need both healthcare practice management software and an EHR?

The more software you’re using at a time, the more work for staff, management, and clinicians to bring those pieces together for reporting and managing purposes. You lose massive efficiencies by having multiple disparate systems and it also becomes a cost burden.

Many practices maintain separate systems for calendar and scheduling, coding and billing, authorization management, clinician notes, bed and medication management, and more. Making these separate pieces work together consistently and efficiently can be challenging.

Imagine how efficient and effective staff, clinicians, and management can be when their system contains everything they need in one simple platform.


Healthcare practice management software is an important purchase. The choices you make can make a significant difference in your management capabilities, profitability, client outcomes, and staff happiness.

Take your time to carefully evaluate and demo several platforms to find the one that best fits your practice’s needs.

The Remarkable Health difference

Remarkable Health’s CT|One is a fully integrated behavioral health EHR solution to help you take client care to a higher level. We have assisted agencies just like yours achieve greater efficiencies and broader insights into improved client care and management.

CT|One is a complete hosted Electronic Health Record (EHR) – Clinical, Billing, Scheduling, Medication Management / e-Prescribing, Reporting, and more – for inpatient, outpatient, and residential settings.

Request a demo today to discover how your agency can help clients achieve remarkable outcomes.

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Practice Management Software for Behavioral Health Practices

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Caring for the 25 percent of Americans who suffer from mental health disorders is complex. Clients may have underlying medical conditions and socioeconomic situations contributing to low compliance rates, along with many other variables making it more difficult to offer treatment.

Finding practice management software for behavioral health organizations can help you pinpoint and improve financial and organizational barriers. Here are two main benefits of implementing a behavioral health practice management software solution.

Creates operational efficiencies

How much time does your staff currently spend trying to track down insurance eligibility or find out what your no-show rate is for the year? If your answer is “a significant amount,” you could enjoy the operational efficiencies practice management software provides.

Another efficiency you can gain if you choose a platform that integrates practice management and an EHR solution is in intake and scheduling. Front office staff use the same system that clinicians use, so information like the number of payer-allowed visits and dates of appointments scheduled is attainable by everyone.

Finally, built-in scheduling and automated reminders allow interdepartmental sharing, reducing no-shows and helping you reach clients where and how they like communications.

Financial and security improvements

Consider how authorization management can help your practice financially. Every time a session note uses authorization, the system tracks the note. You get an alert when you’re nearing the limit of authorized visits, so you’re never saddled with the cost of a visit that’s not allowed by the payer.

The increase in data security a practice management software system provides can pay for itself in less financial risk of breach. Find a practice management software system that offers HIPAA compliance and reduce your risk of costly security breaches.

You’ll gain impressive efficiencies with an integrated practice management system, clinical platform, and revenue cycle management solution. If you currently have disparate systems that cover each of these areas, consider the time it takes to gather information because these systems don’t talk or sync together. An integrated system offers you data at your fingertips.


Your behavioral health organization has a unique operational design. That’s why you need practice management software tailored for how behavioral health operations flow. In fact, look for practice management software that’s integrated with EHR, billing and coding, and revenue cycle management systems. A fully integrated EHR/practice management software is a comprehensive solution that you can run from a single dashboard.

The Remarkable Health difference

Remarkable Health is leading the IT challenge by continually improving on our purpose-built, integrated EHR and practice management solution. We take our clients’ success very seriously: we passionately focus on providing behavioral health, substance abuse, and human service organizations the tools they need to provide remarkable client experiences.

Schedule a demo today of CT|One, an EHR and practice management solution consisting of clinical, billing, scheduling, reporting, and medication management for inpatient, outpatient, and residential facilities.

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Trends in Integrated Practice Management Software

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Paying for software can be expensive, but paying for numerous software programs is a waste of money. Integrated practice management software that includes an EHR platform allows you to work on all areas of your organization in one comprehensive, centralized application so you can save time and money.

Watch for the following trends to understand where integrated practice management software is heading.


You need to be sure you’re in compliance with federal and state regulations at all times. An integrated practice management software solution lets you track regulatory measures.

A fully integrated behavioral health practice management software platform also lets you end paper records and set the stage for Meaningful Use down the road.

Cost reductions and increased productivity

When you choose a fully integrated practice management software solution combined with an EHR, you’re greatly reducing the costs of managing, maintaining, and upgrading numerous systems to allow you to run your practice.

Add on to that the efficiencies you gain through automating clinicians’ and staff’s routine tasks, and you get more done throughout the day. For example, you can automate billings, making payment faster and more accurate.


Fully integrated practice management software providers are looking at ways to make their platforms more mobile for users. Access from a smartphone or tablet is a growing trend clinicians and staff would embrace.

Mobile access allows clinicians to meet their clients where and when it’s most convenient for them. Clinicians will still be able to take notes and have them uploaded later to the software platform.


There are many reasons for using a fully integrated practice management software solution. If you haven’t made the switch, seriously consider integrating all your systems into one comprehensive provider success platform.

When you take into consideration the many benefits and upcoming trends, it makes more sense to switch sooner rather than later.

The Remarkable Health difference

Everyone at Remarkable Health is passionate about helping our clients create amazing outcomes for their clients. For more than 25 years, we have diligently focused on providing behavioral health, substance abuse, and human service organizations the tools they need to provide remarkable client experiences.

Request a demo of our flagship platform, CT|One, to experience the difference a fully integrated behavioral health EHR and practice management solution can make in your organization.