Behavioral Health Billing and Coding

Coding, Billing, Claims—A Cornerstone of CT|One—give your staff and clinicians the tools they need to do their jobs easier and quicker. All from a single dashboard.

What CT|One does for you

Are you still using disparate systems to capture coding information for billing and claims? Consider how CT|One can help you manage coding, billing, and claims from a single dashboard.

  • You can bill daily, immediately upon completion of clinician notes.
  • Create accurate claims based on electronically signed progress notes.
  • CT|One includes coding by service type and guarantor-specific rules.

CT|One uses automation to make your life easier

Think about what you can achieve when your operations become highly efficient with CT|One. What could you do with the extra time saved by the following:

CT|One lets you track and report on your claims’ progress

Do you know how successful your claims management process is? With CT|One, you can easily run standard and ad hoc reports to track the efficient of your claims process, which has a direct effect on your cash flow.

  • Get a report on accepted or rejected claims instantly.
  • And get claims error reporting before submission.

With CT|One, you streamline your coding, billing, and claims processes so they result in a correct claims submission, eliminate coding and billing errors, and get claims paid quick—all with a significant boost to your cash flow and revenue cycle management.

If your current system can’t do all that, contact Remarkable Health today.