Practice Management Systems: What You Should Know

By March 1, 2019
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If you’re struggling with several systems that don’t interface, you may be ready to consider an EHR that has an integrated practice management system.  An EHR with a built-in practice management system helps you condense your operational activities into one solution.

When you think of practice management systems, you may think of software installed on your computer or a server. This post will cover hosted practice management systems and what you should know.


The cost of a hosted practice management systems is decidedly less than the cost of purchasing software licenses for every user. Also, you bear the cost of upgrades when necessary, and managing and maintaining the software and hardware.

With a hosted system, your cost covers not only every user, maintenance, and storage, but also ongoing development such as new features and upgrades.

Consider the cost savings in not needing technical IT staff to monitor and maintain your system because the vendor provides it.

HIPAA compliance

Mental health professionals know the importance of HIPAA. Make sure any practice management system you consider is HIPAA compliant and encrypts data.

Also, if you want to be eligible for Meaningful Use in the future, choose an ONC-certified system.

Client intake

A practice management system must allow you to capture all the information necessary for your organization to function, like insurance ID, date of birth, referring doctor, and more.

Additional features you want to include are:

  • Emergency contact information
  • Integration with scheduling
  • The ability to capture custom fields
  • The ability to search and run reports on multiple criteria


Keeping track of appointments is necessary as is appointment scheduling.

Look for client integrations so you can see the client’s data at the same time you’re setting an appointment.

A must-have feature for most behavioral health organizations comprises automated appointment reminders via email, text, or phone.


A hosted practice management system provides features and functionality to make your staff and management more efficient and happy. Imagine the positive impact on your behavioral health organization.

The Remarkable Health difference

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