Our EHR software
helps you help others

Our behavioral health technology solutions remove administrative barriers so that you can focus on your mission: helping people become better versions of themselves.

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Remove obstacles across your organization and give your team one day back a week to focus on your mission

Clinical Team

Instead of using up time and energy on cumbersome administration, record keeping, reporting and busywork, spend more time helping your clients.

How We Help Clinicians

Billing Team

Get your agency paid faster. Improve reimbursement rates and reduce denials. Bill efficiently, accurately. Produce reports in seconds.

How We Help Billers

EHR Administrators

Imagine an EHR system that makes everyone more productive. No more struggles with system utilization, training issues and inadequate technology.

How We Help the EHR Admin


Achieve remarkable outcomes in every key metric: quality of care, funding received, cash flow, client satisfaction, growth, staff happiness, retention.

How We Help the C-Suite

Stop using paper and spreadsheets

Your business has become too complex to manage with a hodge-podge of paper, Word, Excel and Access programs. Change is scary, but we make it easy to go digital.