DD/ID Service Providers

Deliver remarkable DD/ID care with an EHR that cuts down on complexity

CT|One® is an all-in-one practice management tool that empowers your team to do what they do best—deliver remarkable care. CT|One® handles time-consuming clinical, billing, scheduling, and workforce management needs. And valuable data and insights reduce errors and improve claims processing.

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client dashboard screen

Client Dashboard

CT|One® gives busy DD/ID and early intervention service providers easy to use access to single-screen client dashboards. The care team is able to monitor what’s happening with a client’s care and reduce the time it takes to record notes and track progress.

Billable Service Calculator

Reach a new level of visibility into your agency that will help you achieve a higher billable percentage for services, with less time spent gathering data. Service providers can automate daily per diem calculation with point-and-click functionality.

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Client Performance Tracking

Service providers can easily track performance-based steps to monitor and evaluate client progress—whether at their desk or on the move. Tracking is seamless across both the traditional web application and the mobile experience.

Bed Check & Daily Attendance

No matter the office or facility, CT|One® enables service providers to perform bed checks and record daily attendance for clients in residential or outpatient environments. Data is easily stored in the web application and the mobile app.

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Staff Time Tracking

Digitize time tracking with CT|One®. Team members can review daily agendas, record multiple time entries and submit timesheets via desktop or the mobile app—that way clinical directors aren’t spending time chasing paper.


“With CT|One, we are able to demonstrate to the State of Kansas the value of our services and show how we comply with all regulations. Our clinicians make progress notes, track their time and record attendance—all on their mobile devices. We’ve reduced paperwork and claims are processed much faster.”

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Robbin Cole, Executive Director
Pawnee Mental Health

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