Behavioral Health Practice Management Software (PMS)

The key to practice management software:

  • Look for a fully integrated platform covering intake, scheduling, authorization management, reporting, and more. Combine your practice management software with an integrated billing system, revenue cycle management solution, and clinical system for a comprehensive platform you can control from a single dashboard.

Client engagement

Your practice management software should allow you to easily engage with your clients.

  • Automated appointment reminders through phone, text, or email
  • Client portal for easy access
  • Ability to monitor appointment history

In addition, your behavioral health practice management software should let you check on appointment history to make sure you’re not booking more appointments than the payer allows.

Data analytics

The key to managing your behavioral health agency more efficiently is accessing the data in your EHR to make sound business decisions.

  • Leverage the data in your behavioral health practice management software through robust data analytics functionality.
  • Accurately measure practice outcomes.
  • Understand the economics of each program.
  • Instantly create reports for audits and regulatory requirements.

Think of your PMS as a Provider Success Platform

Choose a fully integrated practice management software and EHR solution that includes practice management operations like intake and scheduling, clinical, billing, revenue cycle management, medication management, and reporting. The strength of an integrated provider success platform such as CT|One is how it streamlines your client and company data in a single dashboard.

  • Run operations more efficiently.
  • Be more financially stable
  • Provide remarkable outcomes to your clients.

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