Practice Management Systems for Behavioral Health Practices

By August 24, 2017
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Behavioral health practice management systems can make your day-to-day operations a little less hectic.

Look for a behavioral health specific EHR platform with integrated practice management software tailored to your organization’s unique needs and workflows. It covers patient intake and scheduling, authorization management and much more.

Here are the key areas of functionality you need to look for when evaluating a behavioral health practice management system.

Client intake

Before you see clients, you need to register them. Make sure any system you consider stores all the information you need to collect for client intake.

Part of registering clients is to confirm their insurance. Look for practice management software that lets your staff check eligibility right from the application.

Finally, choose a system that automatically keeps a tally of how many visits a client’s payer allows and alerts you when you’re reaching the limit.

Client scheduling

When you choose a fully integrated practice management software solution, you get built-in scheduling. Software should make it easy to keep up with which client is coming in and with whom they have an appointment.

Identify a software system that sends automated appointment reminders via phone calls, text messages, or emails to help reduce your no-show rates.


You should be able to run reports to help you make smart business decisions about your practice’s operations. For example, you can run a report showing when clients have no-showed in the past month, or which provider is typically late in releasing notes.

Finally, you should be able to track and report on authorization management, so you know exactly how many visits an insurance or other payer covers.


The right practice management system for behavioral health organizations will make your life easier. It will also create efficiencies for your staff by streamlining your operations, so they spend less time on administrative work. Don’t discount the importance of happy staff to your behavioral health organization’s ultimate success.

The Remarkable Health difference

Remarkable Health’s flagship platform, CT|One, is a fully integrated EHR and practice management solution designed specifically for behavioral health, addiction, and mental health organizations. For more than 25 years, we have passionately focused on providing behavioral health, substance abuse, and human service organizations the tools they need to provide remarkable client experiences.

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