Behavioral Health Scheduling Software

Intake & scheduling—the most important part of your practice?

Client intake benefits

To see a client, you need to register them. And CT|One makes it simple and easy to onboard a new client.

Part of intake is confirming insurance. CT|One lets you quickly and easily verify insurance eligibility right from the practice management software.

You can also find the number of payer-allowed visits and set the limit in the system. This lets you automatically track the number of visits to make sure you’re aware when if you’re scheduling an appointment that might not be approved.

With behavioral health scheduling software, you can also track client retention rates so you can see how yur organization is progressing.

Check on your client from intake through scheduling and beyond with CT|One.

Client scheduling benefits

CT|One builds in all your scheduling needs.

Behavioral health scheduling software lets you keep up with who is coming in and who they are seeing. Having this information in the same system as your EHR, billing, clinical, and medical management solutions gives you a comprehensive look at all parts of the client lifecycle.

You can easily send automated appointments reminders to reduce your no-show rates. Choose to send reminders to clients by email, telephone, or text message, and connect with them the way they appreciate most. Not only will you reduce your no-shows, but you can increase client commitment to treatment programs through client engagement.

If you’re not reaping these amazing benefits, contact Remarkable Health today to schedule a demo of CT|One.