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How we help the EHR administrator

Do you spend much of your day dealing with system limitations, poor system utilization, and solving problems without the attention and assistance of a reliable vendor partner? CT|One® can help.

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An integrated behavioral health EHR software that’s easy and efficient

You have a wide range of responsibilities and one of them is ensuring your agencies EHR technology is running efficiently so your staff can focus on caring for clients. The last thing you need is a technology that doesn’t work for your agency’s workflows. We built our EHR technology to make your job easier by making data accessible, system functionality is intuitive and we ensure your agency is in compliance with state regulations.


Built for Behavioral Health

Our purpose-built behavioral health EHR is easy to use and easy to train others to use, freeing you up from a high volume of support demands to focus on other things. Our integrated solution from scheduling to clinical to billing to analytics and interoperability offers streamlined and efficient system functionality aligned to your organizational workflows.

Data at your finger tips

Disjointed or disparate healthcare IT solutions solutions are unable to offer data centralized in one location. You need data in one place so you can quickly and efficiently develop and run reports that meet a wide range of business needs.

Support and training

Sometimes technology breaks or staff changes, creating more work for you. Trying to troubleshoot errors and keeping up with training demands eats up a lot of your time and energy. You need a healthcare technology partner you can trust to provide ongoing educational resources and fix issues in a timely manner so you can ensure your agency operates efficiently.

Stop using paper and spreadsheets

Your business has become too complex to manage with a hodge-podge of paper, Word, Excel and Access programs. Change is scary, but we make it easy to go digital.

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