EHR Data Analytics

Accurately measure outcomes and produce instant reports

With data at your fingertips, you’ll have insights and tools to make improvements in every area, from treatment plans and outcomes, to staff productivity, to finance.

Leverage EHR data analytics to run your agency more efficiently

Because reporting on outcomes has never been more important, CT|One® EHR software gives you hundreds of out-of-the-box reports, plus the ability to create your own queries. You can also access state- and program-specific reports for compliance.

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What’s your score?

CT|One® is designed to capture multiple data points throughout the client lifecycle. Anything you put into the system you can report on. Know how well your clients and your agency are doing!

Insights (shown on left) automatically collects and aggregates key data to accurately reflect service outcomes and identify trends, supporting organizations in the transition to value-based payments.

Data analytics features

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Core Reports

Instantly access multiple system reports. Search and sort based on what you want to see or analyze. Examples of reports: Staff Productivity, Active Client Reports by Length of Stay, Diagnosis, Guarantor, Last Service and more


Analyze client populations with reports by Gender, Age, Zip Code, Location

Revenue Cycle Management Reports

See how your agency is doing and identify issues quickly for immediate action. RCM reports include Aged to A/R, Revenue, Payments, Denials, Balance Compare, Authorization Status, Missing Signatures and more

SQL Reporting

Access to a SQL Reporting environment gives you the capability to create, aggregate, and run your own queries with any data point captured in the system

Chart Analysis

Now you can see any missing clinical documentation from a client chart at any given point in time


A KPI dashboard to put transparent, useful, and real-time data at your fingertips.


“We’ve found CT|One to be very user-friendly. It was a simple process to train and onboard staff, which is very important for the employee experience. On our go-live date, we expected to receive a bunch of phone calls from staff learning to use the new system, but we didn’t. “

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Kimberly Houston, Director of Quality Assurance
Family Centered Services of Alaska – AK

Stop using paper and spreadsheets

Your business has become too complex to manage with a hodge-podge of paper, Word, Excel and Access programs. Change is scary, but we make it easy to go digital.

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