Case Study: Family Centered Services of Alaska

Behavioral health facility reduces accounts receivable by 400% with CT|One

The Challenge

As one of the first nationally accredited behavioral health treatment organizations in Alaska, Family Centered Services of Alaska (FCSA) is a growing, service-oriented nonprofit that was struggling to work with an electronic health record system that was designed to be used in a traditional clinical setting rather than the on-demand needs of a behavioral health facility.

The existing system was clunky to use and didn’t offer visibility into billing and claims processing results. This meant getting paid by Medicare and private insurance companies was taking longer than necessary. They needed a way to keep administrative costs low while complying with constantly changing state and federal rules and regulations.

“Our existing EHR system was impeding our ability to deliver care to Alaska’s children and families. Our billing turnaround and collection time has dramatically improved since implementing CT|One two and a half years ago.”

John Regitano
Executive Director, FCSA

The Solution

Sacrificing operational and program efficiency was not an option for a team fiercely dedicated to serving the Alaskan community, so an internal task-force was identified to find a new software solution to track and report on ongoing and ad hoc treatment programs in a variety of settings-clinical, group, inpatient and outpatient. The new tool needed to be easy to use in order to ensure quick onboarding and serious buy-in from staff.

It also needed to offer the capacity for multiple session notes to save time, as well as improve the organization’s financial health by:

#1: Reducing time spent on billing by internal team members
#2: Accelerating turnaround time for payments from Medicaid and insurance companies

Learn how you can achieve EHR and billing efficiency with CT|One.

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The Results

Thanks to the partnership and integration with CT|One, Family Centered Services of Alaska was able to reduce accounts receivable by 400% in two and a half years. Not only that, but a significant burden was lifted from staff. The organization reduced the number of full-time employees responsible for billing by 80% within the five months following implementation–freeing their time to focus on other core job responsibilities.

“We’ve found CT|One to be very user-friendly. It was a simple process to train and onboard staff, which is very important for the employee experience. On our go-live date, we expected to receive a bunch of phone calls from staff learning to use the new system, but we didn’t. Our billing department expressed immediate relief at having a more efficient EHR.”

Kimberly Houston
Director of Quality Assurance, FCSA

Benefits of CT|One

CT|One is a complete hosted Electronic Health Record (EHR) for inpatient, outpatient and residential settings that streamlines:

  • Clinical processes
  • Billing
  • Scheduling
  • Medication management/e-prescribing
  • Reporting

About Remarkable Health

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