How we help C-level executives

Do you worry about how your agency will be able to provide quality treatment services in an ever-changing healthcare environment? Are admin burdens taking staff time away from helping people? CT|One® can help.

Running an agency is complex

Running a behavioral health business is more complex than ever. Meeting state requirements, managing staff recruiting and retention, and solving client service challenges is a full time job. Add to that ineffective technology solutions that prevent you from getting the data you need to make decisions, your job is more difficult than it needs to be. We are more than an EHR vendor, we are a technology partner that can help your organization remove administrative obstacles so you and your staff can spend more time helping clients.


Client and staff support

You are passionate about the clients you serve and finding ways to improve their lives and you spend a lot of time helping your staff to be successful. Our behavioral health EMR solutions are easy to use with less clicks and redundancies, freeing up precious time for client care.

Data at your finger tips

Disjointed or disparate technology solutions are unable to give you the data you need both quickly and efficiently. And if data is kept in Word, Excel or Access programs, running reports from one system is impossible. CT|One® keeps all your data in one system and can be extracted to meet a wide range of reporting needs.

More than an EMR

You’re busy running an organization that helps clients overcome obstacles, you don’t need to worry about EMR technology. You need a business partner that will provide you and your staff resources to run your agency more efficiently. Remarkable Health is passionate about the work we do and committed to helping remove administrative barriers.

Stop using paper and spreadsheets

Your business has become too complex to manage with a hodge-podge of paper, Word, Excel and Access programs. Change is scary, but we make it easy to go digital.

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