How we help clinicians and clinical managers

Do you feel like EMR technology gets in the way of helping your clients? Do you spend too much time entering progress notes and navigating a cumbersome EHR system, or keeping track of clients in Word and Excel? CT|One® can help.

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Easy to use clinical tools

To effectively help clients, you need more time to focus on treatment and less time managing administrative obstacles. Documenting progress and generating reports to demonstrate outcomes shouldn’t be a challenge and your EHR partner should be able to offer support and solve your system issues in a timely manner, freeing you up to focus on your clients, not technology. CT|One® makes this possible.


Built for human services

CT|One® was built to support the human services industry for programs like  behavioral health, addiction prevention and treatment, I/DD, and early intervention. We work hard to evolve our EMR technology so that it’s easy to use for all of our clinicians. With less clicks and redundancies our integrated EMR system allows you to enter treatment notes quickly and efficiently to track client progress and send the data directly to billing for fast and accurate payment processing.

Less screen time, more face time

We understand that the very foundation of providing consistent and effective care in behavioral health is quality face time with the client. You need a platform that allows you to concentrate on care rather than technology. CT|One® has an  intuitive interface that provides a guided experience which allows you to focus on your clients.

Support and training

Sometimes technology breaks or staff changes creating a knowledge gap. This often creates an issue getting new clinicians up to speed using the technology or frustration because a simple clinical feature may not work. Every successful agency needs a technology partner they can trust to fix issues and provide ongoing educational resources, so they can focus on caring for clients.

Stop using paper and spreadsheets

Your business has become too complex to manage with a hodge-podge of paper, Word, Excel and Access programs. Change is scary, but we make it easy to go digital.

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