Trends in Integrated Practice Management Software

By August 10, 2017
integrated practice management software

Paying for software can be expensive, but paying for numerous software programs is a waste of money. Integrated practice management software that includes an EHR platform allows you to work on all areas of your organization in one comprehensive, centralized application so you can save time and money.

Watch for the following trends to understand where integrated practice management software is heading.


You need to be sure you’re in compliance with federal and state regulations at all times. An integrated practice management software solution lets you track regulatory measures.

A fully integrated behavioral health practice management software platform also lets you end paper records and set the stage for Meaningful Use down the road.

Cost reductions and increased productivity

When you choose a fully integrated practice management software solution combined with an EHR, you’re greatly reducing the costs of managing, maintaining, and upgrading numerous systems to allow you to run your practice.

Add on to that the efficiencies you gain through automating clinicians’ and staff’s routine tasks, and you get more done throughout the day. For example, you can automate billings, making payment faster and more accurate.


Fully integrated practice management software providers are looking at ways to make their platforms more mobile for users. Access from a smartphone or tablet is a growing trend clinicians and staff would embrace.

Mobile access allows clinicians to meet their clients where and when it’s most convenient for them. Clinicians will still be able to take notes and have them uploaded later to the software platform.


There are many reasons for using a fully integrated practice management software solution. If you haven’t made the switch, seriously consider integrating all your systems into one comprehensive provider success platform.

When you take into consideration the many benefits and upcoming trends, it makes more sense to switch sooner rather than later.

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