Mental Health Practice Management Software for Behavioral Health Practitioners

By August 28, 2017
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With many choices available for practice management software for mental health practices, it pays to do your research up front. Do you know what to look for and what questions to ask?

Here are seven areas you should consider when choosing a mental health practice management software.

  1. Security

One of the most important purposes of practice management software is to protect and secure its records.

Look for software that is HIPAA compliant, is ONC-certified, and encrypts data.

  1. Support

Technology is always a great boost to productivity and management, but what happens when issues arise? Evaluate vendors based on the support they offer.

You want a mental health practice management software provider who has plenty of people on staff to quickly and easily tackle any issues you have.

Also look for a vendor who provides training before, during, and after implementation.

  1. Size of your practice

Before reaching out to a mental health practice management software vendor, find answers to the following:

  • How many clients does your practice serve?
  • How many therapists are in your practice?

Some vendors price their systems based on how many therapists are active in your practice while others base price on how many clients you serve.

  1. Software requirements

Make a list of the issues you want the practice management software to help you solve. For example:

  • Do you want to monitor how your practice is growing and progressing?
  • Do you want to track client retention or no-show rates?
  • Do you need automated appointment reminders sent via text, phone, or email?

There are probably more issues you want to be solved. Make a list and compare vendors against it.

  1. Demo

You definitely need to see a software demonstration before you decide. Look for a vendor who can run mock data through their system based on the information you need to collect. This will help you determine if the practice management software helps you manage the parts of your practice you need most. Look for functionality like intake and scheduling, reporting and analytics, authorization management, and more.

  1. Cost

Cost is always a defining factor in the equation. Make sure you’re comparing like features to like features before comparing cost.

Also make sure the price quoted by the vendor includes everything you need, such as implementation, training, support, and data migration.

  1. Fully Integrated Platform

The most important component of selecting practice management software is choosing a system that is fully integrated with clinical, revenue cycle management, and data analytics. A fully integrated platform that offers all of these functionalities in a central location and one dashboard will help your organization achieve efficiencies that make a difference both to your bottom line and to your clients.


Once you’ve done your research, it’s time to decide.

Then, have your new fully integrated practice management/clinical/revenue cycle management/data analytics platform installed and give staff time to become comfortable with it. You will be pleasantly surprised at the difference this platform makes in your day-to-day operations.

The Remarkable Health difference

Remarkable Health is the industry-leading provider of a fully integrated EHR solution designed specifically for the needs of behavioral health organizations. With our flagship platform, CT|One, we have passionately focused for over 25 years on providing behavioral health, substance abuse, and human service organizations the tools they need to provide remarkable client experiences.

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