Practice Management Software for Behavioral Health Practices

By August 16, 2017
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Caring for the 25 percent of Americans who suffer from mental health disorders is complex. Clients may have underlying medical conditions and socioeconomic situations contributing to low compliance rates, along with many other variables making it more difficult to offer treatment.

Finding practice management software for behavioral health organizations can help you pinpoint and improve financial and organizational barriers. Here are two main benefits of implementing a behavioral health practice management software solution.

Creates operational efficiencies

How much time does your staff currently spend trying to track down insurance eligibility or find out what your no-show rate is for the year? If your answer is “a significant amount,” you could enjoy the operational efficiencies practice management software provides.

Another efficiency you can gain if you choose a platform that integrates practice management and an EHR solution is in intake and scheduling. Front office staff use the same system that clinicians use, so information like the number of payer-allowed visits and dates of appointments scheduled is attainable by everyone.

Finally, built-in scheduling and automated reminders allow interdepartmental sharing, reducing no-shows and helping you reach clients where and how they like communications.

Financial and security improvements

Consider how authorization management can help your practice financially. Every time a session note uses authorization, the system tracks the note. You get an alert when you’re nearing the limit of authorized visits, so you’re never saddled with the cost of a visit that’s not allowed by the payer.

The increase in data security a practice management software system provides can pay for itself in less financial risk of breach. Find a practice management software system that offers HIPAA compliance and reduce your risk of costly security breaches.

You’ll gain impressive efficiencies with an integrated practice management system, clinical platform, and revenue cycle management solution. If you currently have disparate systems that cover each of these areas, consider the time it takes to gather information because these systems don’t talk or sync together. An integrated system offers you data at your fingertips.


Your behavioral health organization has a unique operational design. That’s why you need practice management software tailored for how behavioral health operations flow. In fact, look for practice management software that’s integrated with EHR, billing and coding, and revenue cycle management systems. A fully integrated EHR/practice management software is a comprehensive solution that you can run from a single dashboard.

The Remarkable Health difference

Remarkable Health is leading the IT challenge by continually improving on our purpose-built, integrated EHR and practice management solution. We take our clients’ success very seriously: we passionately focus on providing behavioral health, substance abuse, and human service organizations the tools they need to provide remarkable client experiences.

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