Behavioral Health EHR Vendor

Deciding you need a behavioral health EHR solution is the first step. Now you need a qualified behavioral health EHR vendor to make sure you’re getting the best software for your organization.

Here are the critical areas that make Remarkable Health and our flagship platform, CT|One, the best choice for your facilities.

Good track record

Remarkable Health has an excellent track record providing behavioral health EHR solutions. For more than 25 years, we have focused on providing behavioral health, substance abuse, and human service organizations the tools they need to provide remarkable client experiences.

Experts in mental health solutions

The requirements of behavioral and mental health providers are complex and varied compared to other medical specialties. Look for a behavioral health EHR partner with demonstrated experience in behavioral health EHR solutions. With over 13,000 users of CT|One, over 1.5 million active clients served annually, and over 10.3 million progress notes written annually, Remarkable Health offers seasoned behavioral health-specific experience and expertise to our customers.

Attentive training and customer service

Every software system will have a learning curve. Remarkable Health offers extensive training for each member of your team to use the EHR software to its full advantage. Check with other agencies and referrals about our customer service and how satisfied they are with the level of training and service provided. You will like what you hear.

Timely updates

EHR software should not remain static. CT|One will change and evolve periodically, with updates to add useful features and improve the user interface. We pay attention to new regulations and the latest industry best practices when providing updates to our EHR solution.

Certified provider

To qualify for Meaningful Use incentives, you need a behavioral health EHR vendor with a properly vetted software that has been ONC certified. Remarkable Health’s CT|One is ONC certified, offering everything you need in a behavioral health EHR solution.

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