Reasons to Choose a Behavioral Health EHR Provider – Thank you

The current EHR landscape offers a broad range of vendors with solutions, which complicates selecting the right partner to suit your organization’s professional needs.

It is important to choose a behavioral health EHR provider for a variety of reasons, like the ones covered below.

Behavioral health practices frequently ask:

Is this EHR solution tailored to behavioral health?

Be careful when asking this question. Some vendors will claim they can add a behavioral health EHR component on top of their “base” system.

Look for an EHR partner whose core customer base are behavioral health organizations.

It is useful to ask:

How many providers, clinicians, and behavioral health systems use the vendor’s EHR solution?

Look for an EHR vendor with a large base of current behavioral health users spread geographically to support various state regulations and requirements.

Also ask:

What type of support is included in both the startup phase and thereafter?

You want an EHR vendor who offers ongoing support, specifically with experience in behavioral health practices.

Look for an EHR vendor who partners with behavioral health organizations and places relationships first with their current customers.

Finally, ask:

Is your EHR vendor ONC certified?

An ONC-certified EHR designed specifically for behavioral health organizations gives you the confidence the solution maintains your EHR data in a structured format.

An ONC-certified EHR captures your data and lets you share, retrieve, and transfer it efficiently and uniformly so you can use the EHR to support client care. ONC-certified products also meet rigorous standards on data security.

If your organization plans to attest for Meaningful Use incentives, you will need an EHR vendor with a properly vetted software that has been ONC certified.


The decision to choose a behavioral health EHR provider is compelling. From intake to scheduling, clinician’s notes and client care management, to billing, revenue cycle management, and analytical reporting, a behavioral health EHR is designed to meet or exceed your practice’s needs throughout the lifecycle of a client.

The Remarkable Health difference

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Remarkable Health has a comprehensive overview titled Your Guide to EHR Providers for Behavioral Health that offers more information about choosing the right partner.

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