I/DD providers have seen a lot of change in recent years – the move to value-based care, the shift away from residential treatment, and the increasing emphasis on consumer-directed care. For these reasons and more, the I/DD market has started to realize the need for a purpose-built EHR solution. However, not just any EHR solution is going to position your organization to compete in the rapidly changing I/DD market.

You need an EHR vendor who will be a long-term business partner that can provide I/DD state expertise and solutions that support not only your current needs but your goals for the future as well.

Download your copy of the Complete Guide to a Fully Integrated EHR for I/DD Providers to understand:

  • Common barriers to EHR system adoption and how to overcome them
  • What a fully integrated EHR system is and the advantages of using one
  • What questions to ask when researching I/DD EHR solutions
  • How to prepare for a successful implementation

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