EHR System Planning

Improve your client care and business operations significantly with EHR system planning

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The road to success for your EHR system implementation is in the planning process. Comprehensive EHR system planning not only helps you identify your needs and requirements for an EHR system, but also allows you to plan for contingencies so you’re not surprised during implementation.

By spending time on EHR system planning in advance of implementation, you also reduce the probability of errors happening. This will lead to increased adoption by your staff and clinicians as they’ll have more confidence in the system.

At Remarkable Health, our Roadmap to Success makes the EHR implementation process simple, but there are some things you can do on the front end to help you manage the process easier.

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Analyze your workflows
Part of getting ready for your new EHR system is to analyze and document your workflows. This will help you identify weaknesses in your procedures that need to be shored up before implementation. Trying to implement workflows that don’t currently work well or aren’t very strong will only exacerbate the problem.

One thing to consider is that you may need to change some of your workflows to match your new EHR system’s functionality, helping you leverage best practices your EHR partner provides based on many implementations. This is one of the main reasons why EHR system planning in advance can make the implementation process much smoother.

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Appoint a project team
Select members from your clinicians, administrative staff, and executives to lead the project. You want a diverse project team so that your workflows are represented by someone on each of your organization’s teams. This will help ensure that the EHR system planning process covers everyone’s needs.

Your project team will also be your EHR system’s cheerleaders. They will generate excitement and interest in the new system, and help to dispel some of the fears surrounding change.

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Determine data migration
Do you have existing data that needs to migrate from legacy systems to your new EHR system? Your project team should analyze your current data and its sources to identify what data elements from the legacy systems need to migrate to the new system or will be managed outside of your new EHR.

This is important information to provide during the implementation planning phase with your vendor. A comprehensive list of data elements will ensure that the appropriate data gets moved and is accessible in your new EHR system.

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Develop a staff training plan
How will you train all of the various staff members who need to use the EHR system? Your project team should consider everyone who needs to be trained and determine a deployment system. Identify critical personnel who need to be trained first, followed by those who can be trained after the first wave is completed.

This will help you manage the training in cycles so that there will always be staff available to serve clients while others are in training. Your EHR partner can assist you in determining the most successful training schedule as well.

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Create a vendor resolution plan
With any software, issues may arise with either the implementation or those that arise after implementation when the EHR system is fully live. Your project team should develop an escalation plan and point of contact for who will manage resolving those issues with the vendor.

You may want to appoint a Project Manager from the business side of your agency and a Project Sponsor on the clinician side who coordinate this plan. And when you choose CT|One as your comprehensive EHR system platform, you’ll have the opportunity to work with a dedicated system administrator who will help you resolve your issues.

In addition, create a plan for your internal escalation process. How will employees inform your Project Manager or Sponsor about issues they may be having? A documented procedure for handling escalations will help staff develop confidence that their questions will be answered.

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Now you’re ready for our Roadmap to Success process—best practices that are proven to work.

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