Behavioral Health Revenue Cycle Optimization

Revenue cycle optimization is critical for success in today’s ever-changing behavioral health climate.

With already tight budgets, behavioral health agencies must make the most of their cash by focusing on revenue cycle management within their agencies.

Consider the following ways to optimize your revenue cycle.

  • Identify and fix revenue cycle leaks. Improve your days in accounts receivable. Reduce your denial rate of claims. Find where you’re leaving revenue on the table.
  • Benchmark key performance indicators/achievements. When you track the details of your behavioral health revenue cycle, you can benchmark the indicators that are working well and celebrate your achievements.
  • Manage analytics for steady cash flow. You can report daily, weekly, and monthly cash flow metrics and key performance indicators to help you eliminate spikes in your cash flow.

There’s an easy way to optimize your revenue cycle.

A fully integrated behavioral health EHR platform goes beyond mere billing and collections. It offers a holistic view of your entire client lifecycle so you can identify where your revenue cycle needs to be shored up and where it’s functioning well.

CT|One is the solution.

Remarkable Health’s fully integrated behavioral health EHR platform, CT|One, can help you optimize your revenue cycle management function and achieve more stable cash flow and increased revenues.

CT|One’s industry leading billing module takes the top considerations for behavioral health revenue cycle optimization, automates them, and gives you the key to unlocking your agency’s potential.

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