How to Improve Behavioral Health Billing

A few simple steps, combined with a fully integrated behavioral health EHR platform, will create improvements in your organization’s billing processes and RCM.

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Check eligibility for benefits.
CT|One, a fully integrated EHR platform, allows you to find out pertinent insurance information such as whether you need authorization, what the copayment is, and if there’s a deductible.

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Generate billing errors report.
Receive notification that a claims submission is missing a key signature or a service coding error that will result in denial of the claim. Scrub your claims before submission.

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Monitor key revenue cycle management metrics.
Track and manage your days in accounts receivable or your percentage of receivables over 120 days. Keep an eye on key revenue cycle management metrics to help eliminate spikes in cash flow.

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Always bill immediately.
Don’t wait to send out a claims submission. Most insurance companies have a “timely filing” agreement that requests claims within 90 days.
With a fully integrated behavioral health EHR platform like CT|One, you can use automation to help you bill each day if you like.

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The CT|One difference
CT|One is a fully integrated behavioral health EHR platform designed to create efficiencies and improve workflows that result in increased cashflow and improved revenue cycle management. CT|One automates functions, so your clinicians and staff can spend more time on client-focused tasks.

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