Remarkable Health’s EHR Software Solutions Help You Manage, Treat, and Affect Positive Outcomes for Clients

CT|One is replacing traditional paper charts and older disparate billing systems with a powerful, fully integrated behavioral health EHR system that lets you share information for client care, billing, and management reporting quickly and easily.

CT|One’s EHR software solutions include client-centered digital records that clinicians can create, update, and process in real time, making them available to other clinicians, staff, and management.

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Improving Quality of Care
Clinicians have access to a broad range of information to make diagnoses and create treatment plans, prescribe medications, and capture detailed client care notes that can be shared with other clinicians and social workers to coordinate care.

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Share records with others in your agency
The administrative staff can access client records to schedule appointments, the billing team can manage the revenue cycle better with instant, real-time access, and executives can run reports to analyze trends for business intelligence.

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CT|One: Fully integrated EHR software solutions
Improve client care by relieving clinicians of monotonous paperwork, create efficiencies that increase cashflow and improve revenue cycle management, and automate functions to help clinicians spend more time in front of clients than in front of computer screens. Everything you need for the full lifecycle of a client.

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A fully integrated behavioral health EHR platform, CT|One helps clinicians, staff, and management concentrate on achieving remarkable outcomes for clients.