Remarkable Health’s CT|One Delivers Both Quantifiable and Qualitative ROI Measures

Behavior healthcare can be complex. And value can be measured in non-monetary ways. CT|One delivers both quantifiable and qualitative ROI measures.

CT|One provides strategic benefits for behavioral health agencies. Providers see the initial cost of this powerful platform as an investment rather an expense because of the long-term benefits and the reduction in expenses resulting from efficiencies and improved revenue cycle management.

You can measure the ROI of CT|One by:

  • Reduced bad debt
  • Reducing outstanding accounts receivable days
  • Increasing billing efficiencies from hours spent to minutes
  • Increasing claims reimbursement on first-time billings

Qualitative improvements include:

  • Reduced clinician burnout through efficiencies gained
  • Prevent adverse medication events
  • Improved mobility with anywhere, anytime access
  • Increasingly satisfied clients

A fully integrated behavioral health EHR platform allows you to monitor key organizational metrics, ultimately improving qualitative and quantitative ROI over time.

But the most important metric is improved client care, an enhanced patient experience and better client outcomes. CT|One delivers a positive ROI both qualitatively and quantitatively for your behavior health facility.

There’s one sure way to experience the power of CT|One.

Schedule a demo

Contact Remarkable Health today to schedule a demo to see its impressive functionality. A fully integrated behavioral health EHR platform, CT|One dramatically increases efficiencies, improves cycle management and provides a bottom line impact.

The best ROI is the positive boost to client care.