See EHR+ in Action

Learn how EHR+ can remove administrative obstacles. Less paperwork, more client care.

With EHR+, you can:

    • Spend 50% less time on documentation
    • Improve cash flow
    • Significantly shorten your claim cycle
    • Automate your claim process and get paid faster
    • Reduce denials created by inefficient documentation
    • Manage records and billing from a single interface
    • Integrate with other tools
    • Comply with state regulations
    • Deliver care anywhere with our mobile app

“Our implementation manager exceeded expectations on all fronts. We could not have asked for a better trainer/source of information” – Executive Director

“I have not encountered any support specialist that was not SPECIAL. You guys have an awesome group of people working for you!” – CFO

“The new EHR+ companion app (Bells) saves me about an hour each day. Taking notes in the moment is a lot more efficient than waiting until later.”

Let our people empower your people.