Creating an EHR Implementation Timeline

Without a plan, your behavioral health EHR implementation might not succeed. A timeline is an important tool to help you manage your EHR implementation.

Points to consider when creating an EHR implementation timeline.

✓      Be aware of internal competing priorities.

✓      Consider holiday schedules and other time constraints.

✓      Map out and schedule the meetings needed.

✓      Understand the time and commitment involved in EHR implementation.

✓      Once you decide to contract with an EHR partner, coordinate dates with your vendor.

Who should you involve from your agency?

✓      Executives and management. Make sure to get their buy-in.

✓      Team members. Get your team to rally behind implementation.

✓      Key clinical and billing employees.

✓      Change management leadership.

A successful timeline should include change management principles.

✓      Include both your agency and your EHR vendor in your change management.

✓      You need to show all staff “quick wins” to get their attention.

✓      Finally, generate excitement and enthusiasm.

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