EHR Implementation Checklist

This EHR implementation checklist will help you plan and manage your behavioral health EHR implementation.

✓      Create a team that can champion the change throughout your organization

✓      Name a leader who will be responsible for EHR implementation.

✓      Determine levels of EHR access for staff.

✓      Schedule a “go live” date.

✓      Set actionable and measurable goals backwards from your go-live date.

✓      Assign action steps to individuals.

✓      Get additional support from your EHR vendor.

✓      Determine how your workflows mesh with the EHR’s functionality.

✓      Plan how to migrate paper charts or electronic data to your new EHR system.

✓      Set multiple training dates.

✓      Identify hardware needs like printers, scanners, etc.

✓      Celebrate small victories and celebrate often.

Remarkable Health can help smooth the process for you.

We have over 25 years of successful EHR implementations to guide you. We create a partnership with you, and serve as your trusted advisor.

Remarkable Health provides training and support during and after implementation. Our support extends beyond timelines and project plans.

Our experts make it easy to switch from paper or an existing EHR that is not working for you. In fact, we don’t have a standard implementation process. It’s customized to meet your needs.

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