Why You Shouldn’t Add an EHR Solution to Your Current Billing System

By November 25, 2016
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If you currently use a billing system in your behavioral health organization and are considering adding an EHR, there are a few reasons you should reconsider this step.

Different systems wont integrate seamlessly.

You’ll create more problems than solutions by trying to integrate two systems from different vendors. Not only will you have the immense headache of trying to manage multiple vendor relationships, but you’ll spend more time trying to mesh these two systems together than it’s worth.

The end result wont be what you anticipate.

If you’re imagining a comprehensive solution that helps you and your staff manage everything from scheduling to intake, documentation and treatment, claims submission, and analytical reporting, you’ll be disappointed with the inconsistent results or lack of efficiency created with mismatched systems. This hybrid answer won’t function the way you need to help you manage your clinical, billing and administrative workflows. This is another headache you should avoid at all costs.

The ClaimTrak Difference

Save yourself time, wasted effort, and money by upgrading to a fully integrated EHR solution that provides everything you need to manage your clinical, billing, and administrative tasks in one simple platform.

Not all vendors are created equal and not all vendors will be able to provide you everything you need on one platform. ClaimTrak put together an informative e-Book titled The Complete Guide to a Fully Integrated EHR for Behavioral Health to help you navigate your way through researching and selecting the right vendor. Inside you’ll find the 12 most important questions you should ask any vendor before making your decision.

Download your copy today for practical advice from ClaimTrak’s years of successfully supporting behavioral health organizations.

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