Why You Need to Address Your Workflows Before Implementing an EHR

By January 20, 2017
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If you’re investigating EHR vendors with the hopes that an EHR software solution will help you close gaps in functionality and improve efficiencies, you may be surprised to learn you should first look at your workflows.

Your current business model and workflows may not support the rapidly changing social and legislative forces in the healthcare marketplace. If your current processes aren’t leading you to demonstrate positive outcomes for mental health treatment to help you qualify for incentives and payment, an EHR solution is probably not going to close that gap for you.

To offer holistic care that integrates all health treatments for each client, requires a holistic workflow process and software solution. And trying to force an EHR system to support ineffective workflows will only lead to a failed implementation and frustration all around.

Where to Go For More Information

Remarkable Health put together an interesting resource titled Switching EHR Systems? How to Choose the Right EHR Provider you can download for free. In this comprehensive, step-by-step guide, it touches on the importance of addressing your workflows before implementation.

Download your copy here.