Why Implementing Behavioral Health EMR Software is an Investment, Not an Expense

By February 22, 2017
EMR software

The number of behavioral health facilities implementing EMR software is on the rise, mainly to improve client care and organization performance.

Measuring ROI

The greater majority of behavioral health organizations that have already implemented new software are satisfied with their decision to move to an EMR system. However, because behavioral healthcare is complex and individualized, it’s difficult to measure EHR ROI. Value in a behavioral health organization is measured in non-monetary ways.

Why EMR Software is an Investment

Implementing behavioral health EMR software is an investment, not an expense, for a variety of reasons. The most important one is that it provides long-term benefits and is a tool for reducing certain expenses.

This reason alone is important to organizations that can’t count on federal subsidies.

Also, behavioral health organizations need to look at both quality and quantity to make sense of ROI. One benefit that doesn’t technically create new revenue is decreasing the staff time spent on regulatory reporting and other administrative or billing functions. The cumulative effect of decreased expenses in these areas can improve the bottom line.

Where to Get More Information

Remarkable Health put together a useful infographic that highlights some interesting statistics on what you can expect in terms of behavioral health EHR ROI when you implement behavioral health EMR software.

Download Remarkable Health’s infographic here today.