Why a New Billing System isn’t Enough

By January 16, 2017
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Oftentimes, behavioral health organizations reach out to technology providers for a new billing claims system, thinking it will help them close the gaps in functionality and improve their inefficiencies.

It isn’t until these organizations learn about a complete, integrated clinical and billing solution that they realize they need to set their sights higher.

A new billing system is like putting a bandaid on the crack in a dam. It might stop some of the escaping water in the short-term, but it won’t hold up to future pressure.

You don’t need someone to provide you billing software. You need an integrated EHR platform that can help you meet both your billing and clinical information management needs and scale for future growth and client care initiatives.

The Remarkable Health Difference

Remarkable Health has an interesting resource titled Switching EHR Systems? How to Choose the Right EHR Provider you can download for free. Inside you’ll learn how to plan for, research, and choose a behavioral health EHR provider that meets or exceeds your requirements.

Download your copy and see why a simple billing system isn’t enough to help you achieve your mission and vision.