Trends in EMR Solutions

By July 27, 2017
EMR solutions

Experts predict the market for electronic medical records (EMR) solutions to be worth approximately $35.2 billion by 2019. With growing demand, the need is apparent for strengthening EHR software and making data more accessible, while reducing errors and increasing ease of use.

To keep up with technological capabilities, EMR vendors are focusing on what clinicians want and need. Here are the trends in EMR solutions that will be more appealing to clinicians and clients alike.

Cloud-based solutions

Startup costs for EMRs can be burdensome for behavioral health practices. Cloud-based solutions offer lower startup costs to make better use of providers’ current resources. The cloud also makes continuity of care and software upgrades easier.

Integrating telemedicine

Telemedicine is rapidly becoming an option how clients interact with their clinicians. Integrating telemedicine in the future will be an important component of behavioral health EMR solutions.

Client relationship management

The ability for the clinic to report on their success means as much to developing client relationships as it does to clients and their insurance companies. Reporting successful outcomes shows that the organization is efficient and, most importantly, the care they provide is effective. Behavioral health improvements for clients define the organization’s success.


More and more providers want to offer client care from their mobile devices. Agencies will need to decide what mobile solution is important to them. For example, do they need a solution to document notes without an internet connection with the ability to sync that data later? Solutions which are not browser-based can confuse buyers when they are deciding which “mobile” technology is right for their agency. EMR vendors need to offer better mobile design and functionality to meet this high-demand trend.


These trends in EMR solutions are leading the change in better care for clients and reduced cost of care for insurers. EMRs will rapidly change how we deliver behavioral health care for the coming decades. And in the end, they are welcome changes because it helps clinicians and executive management achieve goals benefitting the client.

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