The Lens of a Former CT|One User to Current Remarkable Health Employee

By May 13, 2019
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By Melissa Piloni, Customer Support Specialist at Remarkable Health


In over a year and a half of working with Remarkable Health as a former user of CT|One, my experience has been humbling and rewarding to say the least.

When I started with Remarkable Health I was confident I was going to do great things: to truly invest in meaningful work with the incredible agencies we partner with.  Which I have done.  However, it surprised me with how little I really knew about CT|One, even though I had used the product in an agency myself. Two things I have learned from the dual lens? I have learned the backend of open cases and the impact of comfort zone on software mastery.

New Perspective: Open Cases

As a user of CT|One, I recall daily reviews of the cases I had open with Remarkable Health and practically fly off the handle as to why there never seemed to be much movement on them. While other times I would be able to get a resolution within a few minutes. With practically a flip of the switch – it was fixed.

As a team member at Remarkable Health, I have gained new insight into the process and work taking place behind each case from an agency. Every case that is entered through the ticketing system is reviewed and researched. Our goal is to resolve what is truly going on – to understand the root cause, not just create a ‘quick fix’. This takes time – at times, longer than others – to get a resolution. There is a dedicated team from Customer Support Specialists to IT, Product, Quality Assurance, and Development committed to resolve each case.

Since I was a user of CT|One and know first-hand the frustrations and questions as to what was going on with my cases, my aim is to ensure agencies are up to date on the status of each case. To provide assurance to each agency – we are indeed working on the case with full commitment to solutions and Wow Moments.  To provide knowledge as to what part of the process the case is in – be it with our Development and Product teams or is in the hands of our Quality Assurance Analysts – as a means of providing confidence to each customer.

New Perspective: Challenging the Comfort Zone

Personally, I have to daily challenge myself to work outside my comfort zone and tackle solutions that were not available or known to me as a user of CT|One at an agency.  When first starting in my position at Remarkable Health, one of the biggest challenges was learning the clinical aspects of CT|One.  I believe it is human nature to want to stay with what we know. For me, that meant gravitating towards cases dealing with the billing side of the system.  In order to help me consistently learn and explore different aspects of CT|One, I have been blessed with the task of teaching monthly webinars.  This does a couple of things: first, I get to work with different departments throughout Remarkable Health, as well as it gets me more involved with our partnership agencies as a whole.

I also have eagerly welcomed teamwork in the process of challenging my comfort zone. As a team, we are able to utilize each of our diverse assets, skills, and knowledge to train each other to become subject matter experts in each aspect of the software – especially the areas I was not initially as comfortable with. My in-depth billing knowledge of the system can be of assistance to someone with clinical knowledge of the system (and vice versa) – in order that we can ultimately serve each other and each customer through Wow Moments.


The new perspectives gained from the lens of utilizing CT|One as a former user and now a Remarkalble Health employee? There is a process and team dedicated to creating Wow Moments to the agencies we partner with and the cases submitted. We encourage each agency to continue reaching out with any questions in cases you may have, knowing we have a full team of specialists working on a full solution to your case. Daily choose to step out of your comfort zone – both within the system and in how you apply your skills and passions to your work daily. This will continue to unleash the full potential of the software and benefits on your agency.

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