Key Considerations for a Successful EMR Implementation

By July 10, 2017
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Migrating from a paper system or switching to a new behavioral health EHR is an invaluable step to improving your agencies operations. It will put your agency on the path to significantly improved patient service and greater efficiency across the organization. The better you plan, the higher the chance of a successful EMR implementation.

Here are the key considerations for a successful EMR implementation.

✓     Start with an in-depth analysis of your workflows. Document each step and make sure each is ready for automation.

✓     Understand the methodology of EMR implementation and change management practices.

✓     Make sure to get buy-in from your executive team, clinicians, and staff.

✓     Compare EMR platform costs and research competitors. Narrow your choices to a final selection.

✓     Create a transition team and identify a staff member who will champion and lead it.

✓     Be clear about your back-office requirements compared to your front-office ones.

✓     Provide proactive and open communication to all staff and clinicians early and often.

✓     Engage staff and clinicians in planning so they can share their needs and wants.

✓     Share the scope of the project and ensure everyone has an understanding before going live.

These key considerations offer a high-level overview of a successful EMR implementation. If you take the time to perform your due diligence and focus on creating an extensive EMR implementation plan, your implementation will be more successful before, during, and after.

Where to find more information

Remarkable Health’s comprehensive guide, Behavioral Health EHR Implementation Roadmap, lays out how to construct a roadmap to a successful implementation. Download your free copy of the guide today.

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