The Software Solution to an IDD Provider’s Everyday Challenges

By September 13, 2019
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By Ashley Dooley, Director of Sales Operations

My name is Ashley Dooley and I’m the Director of Sales Operations with Remarkable Health. From 2008-
2010, I had the opportunity to work at one of the largest providers of autism and early childhood mental
health services in Minneapolis, MN. During that time, I saw first hand the struggles that came with using
a paper system to document client services.

Let me take a moment to go back to that time…

My Experience

My attention gets pulled away from the music therapy taking place. “What was the repetitive directive I
needed to jot down for Matt?” I think to myself. “And earlier, did I note everything needed for the
incident that took place during lunch?” My mind races. The pen and paper that accompany me don’t
always do the trick in accurately tracking the numerous notes I need to take throughout the day. The
priority? To be fully attentive to Matt and his personal development and safety.

For two years the above scenario encapsulated my typical workday.

Nonetheless, it was one of the most rewarding and challenging experiences of my life. Rewarding in that
I spent my days working alongside an amazing group of children and their families in various contexts:
1:1 day treatment services, in-home services, and adolescent group therapy. The challenges on the
other hand, were more complex.

During my time, I was able to gain an understanding of the intricate needs of families with children on
the autism spectrum, as well as the administrative needs and requirements of an organization providing
these types of services. As most mental health providers experience daily, there is a significant amount
of documentation necessary for the care of each client.

In my time at this organization we utilized a paper system to document daily client services like:

  • Goal attainments
  • Behavior prompting
  • Food intake
  • Incidents
  • Skill development
  • OT/Speech/Music therapy attendance

Simply put, it was challenging to manage proper documentation of the child’s treatment when working
with a population that required a high level of attention and many repetitive directives that needed to
be documented at the time of care. Given the safety of the client was the number one priority, my
routine was to finish documentation after the services were complete (or when needed, to grab the
marker on the table next to me to track prompts on my hand!). Although it wasn’t ideal, we understood
the importance of the documentation and did what it took to track daily activity and progress as a
means of support for each family.

Fast forward 10 years. Those experiences drive product innovation daily in my work at Remarkable
Health. It is the foundation from which I am able to fulfill our mission of removing obstacles for
providers through technology

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My Wish List

Over the course of my two years of working for an IDD provider, I frequently thought about what the
solutions to my everyday problems would look like.

  • Easy and quick access to document a prompt and reaction
  • The ability to access information for multiple clients including their history in one place
  • Not have to manage paper timesheets for certain services and drop them off each week to the
    office when doing in-home services
  • Quickly write daily service notes as things happen from any location (i.e. playground,
    classroom, community, etc.)

I needed a tool that was quick and easy to use, paperless, and that provided flexibility.

Solution – I/DD Module & CT|Mobile

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The solution to my problems is here and it’s even better than I had envisioned all those years ago. Remarkable Health’s fully integrated EHR and mobile app are equipped with the ability to capture staff time tracking, an EASY way to tracking behavior and incidents, as well as a quick and compliant way to access multiple client’s information from one place, that can be used in any setting!

Learn more about how CT|One helps IDD service providers

About Remarkable Health

For close to 30 years, Remarkable Health has pioneered innovation through technology for behavioral
health and DD providers. Our integrated suite of outcomes management, EHR and mobile technology
arms providers with the tools they need to improve client outcomes by spending less time on
documentation and inefficient workarounds and more time delivering value-based care and
engagement. To learn more about the CT|One EHR and the CT|One Mobile app, contact us at (480) 550-
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