Evaluating and Selecting a Mental Health EHR Vendor

By July 31, 2017
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Deciding you need a specialized mental health EHR solution is the first step. Now you need to qualify a vendor to make sure you are getting the best software for your organization.

Here are the critical criteria to look for when evaluating and selecting a mental health EHR vendor.

Good track record

You want a mental health EHR vendor who has an excellent track record providing mental health EHR solutions. Avoid wasting time and money on a new provider with limited success to date. In addition, ask about failed implementations; a high number of failed implementations is a bad sign.

Experts in mental health solutions

Since the requirements of behavioral and mental health providers are unique and varied compared to other medical specialties, look for a vendor who has demonstrated experience in behavioral health EHR solutions. Experienced EHR vendors will have gone through the same issues with other agencies, making it easier to provide insight into helping your organization.

Attentive training and customer service

Every software system will have a learning curve. Look for a vendor with extensive training programs and sufficient documentation for each team member to use the EHR software to its full advantage. Check with other practices and referrals about the vendor’s customer service and how satisfied they are with the level of service provided.

Timely updates

EHR software should not remain static. It will change and evolve periodically with updates to add useful features and improve the user interface. You want an EHR software company who takes into account new regulations and the latest industry best practices when releasing timely updates to your EHR solution.

Certified provider

If your organization plans to attest for Meaningful Use incentives you will want an EHR vendor with a properly vetted software that has been ONC certified. Lack of certification in your mental health EHR means it will not track MU incentives properly to be available to your practice.


Organizations that focus on behavioral health, mental health, and addiction treatment cannot expect to run as efficiently as possible without EHR software. Make sure the vendor’s EHR software provides mental health-specific functionality. Protect your valuable capital by evaluating and selecting the right mental health EHR vendor. Choosing a mental health EHR solution is the best foundation for treating more clients more quickly.

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