EMR, EHR, RCM, Practice Management…Confused?

By November 16, 2016
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If you’ve been researching EHR solutions, you’ve more than likely come across terminology that leave you a little bewildered. What’s even trickier is figuring out how to select the best solution from the various software offerings out there today.

Here are some basic terms used to describe behavioral health software. This will help you decide what to search for when researching technology for your behavioral health organization.

  • EMR: Electronic Medical Record.
  • EHR: Electronic Health Record.
  • An EMR and EHR are used interchangeably to simply refer to a digital version of the traditional paper-based healthcare records created, managed and stored in a healthcare provider setting. This is the most basic meaning of these acronyms. In the case of healthcare technology adoption, both these terms have taken on a wider implication referring to electronic software solutions that provide a wider spectrum of features to manage a continuum of care beyond the basic record.
  • RCM: Revenue Cycle Management. The cycle refers to all the revenue-side steps that take place from the time a client makes an appointment to when the services they receive are billed for and there is no longer a balance on their account. The more efficient the cycle, the more likely revenues are received.
  • Practice Management: This refers to the day-to-day financial and administrative functions of a healthcare practice including client data capturing, billing tasks, scheduling appointments and report generation.
  • Integrated EHR Solution: When an EMR/EHR are combined with practice management and revenue cycle management functions to create a complete care solution operating on one platform providing a greater level of business efficiency and interoperability.

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