Choosing the Right Solution for EMR Compliance Requirements

By June 8, 2017
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Choosing the right solution for your behavioral health EMR compliance requirements is imperative.

Do you know what to look for?

Find a behavioral health EMR solution that has received certification by the Office of the National Coordinator (ONC). This ONC HIT certification means the EMR solution has shown the technological capability, functionality, and security requirements required by the Secretary of Health and Human Services.

How CT|One helps you achieve EMR compliance.

  • Restricting access to certain windows using passwords. Restrict access by setting a password on specific windows and only providing the password to users who need it.
  • The ability to restrict access to a specific client’s chart to specific staff. CT|One calls it Client Lookup Restrictions. For example, if an agency has an employee’s family member in for treatment, the system admin can “lock down” this chart. Only specific supervisory staff may see it. This could extend to any situation, such as a celebrity or dignitary in for treatment.
  • CT|One’s medication module uses Medication Permission Levels to determine who can add a medication to a client and who can add a medication on behalf of another staff.
  • Assessments/documentation are due at specific intervals, which makes complying with clinical documentation challenging. CT|One has an alert feature you can configure to alert when this documentation is missing, about to come due, or is past due. It also allows for a wide range of “if then” scenarios to be set up that result in an alert to a user.

A fully integrated EMR is an investment in your agency’s future and your clients’ care.

The right behavioral health EMR solution can help you achieve EMR compliance. It can remove the administrative barriers that keep your staff and clinicians from spending more time with clients.

A mixed bag of systems/solutions won’t offer the robust system you need for behavioral health EMR compliance.

CT|One is the answer.

Remarkable Health’s fully integrated behavioral health EMR platform, CT|One, has the functionality you need for the entire client lifecycle. And it can help you with compliance.

Imagine this EMR solution and the difference it could make. What could your agency accomplish?

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