Do You Need EHR Software or an EHR Platform?

By January 27, 2017
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Which should you choose: EHR software that gives you all the necessary functionality out of the box? Or an EHR platform that offers additional functionality to grow with your organization?

An out-of-the-box EHR software program has limited functionality and may not meet an organization’s needs in the future. An EHR platform provides a technology foundation that can be designed for immediate needs, but also scale up with added solutions as an organization grows.

If you’ve implemented an EHR system or observed EHR system demonstrations, you know that the functionality of a fully integrated EHR is more than simply an application.

Platforms give you tools designed specifically to manage the dynamic and complex nature of the behavioral health field. They’re configurable and can keep up with the ever-changing needs as your organization grows and takes on more clients. This includes the rapidly changing healthcare landscape.

In contrast, software is usually a hard-coded application. While it can be added on when new features come out, the basic core can become outdated, needing major version updates.

While the choice is yours, it should be apparent that a fully integrated EHR platform offers benefits beyond just software.

If you’re considering a fully integrated EHR platform, Remarkable Health developed a helpful infographic that points out some unexpected statistics on what you can expect in terms of ROI when you implement a behavioral health EHR solution.

Download Remarkable Health’s infographic here today.