Are You Using Word, Excel, and Access to Manage Your Agency?

By December 24, 2016
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It’s not surprising to hear of behavioral health organizations that use a complicated mixture of Word, Excel, and Access files to manage their scheduling, client care, billing, and reporting requirements.

What is surprising is their response when such organizations learn about a complete, fully integrated EHR platform solution that manages the entire lifecycle of a client from intake to discharge and everything in between.

Imagine being able to complete the intake procedural steps of a new client on a single screen that captures and populates all of their personal and insurance information and then schedules an appointment with a clinician based on his or her availability.

That same system can be used to complete clinical documentation quick and effeciently. Imagine a clinician adding notes to several files at once as a result of a group session instead of hand-writing in each individual file or typing them out in Word where they are not accessible by everyone.

Now imagine your EHR system taking the information from the clinician’s notes, creating claims and submitting claims files automatically to the payer. You probably can’t do that with Word, Excel, and Access.

Finally, imagine templates of reports that let you customize the data you want to cull. You can mine your data for business intelligence, client care opportunities, or for regulatory reporting purposes because you have access to all information in one single system. You definitely don’t have that functionality with Word, Excel, and Access.

A fully integrated EHR platform offers you this functionality, plus much more. And a trusted vendor can help you make the switch to an EHR that your staff and clinicians will be happy and comfortable using, increasing efficiencies, enhancing client care, and improving your revenue cycle.

The Remarkable Health Difference

Remarkable Health has an interesting resource titled Switching EHR Systems? How to Choose the Right EHR Provider you can download for free. If switching EHR systems is something you’re interested in, this e-book lays out how to plan for, research, and evaluate the top vendors to find the system that’s right for your business critical needs.

Download your copy now and see why a fully integrated EHR solution is better than your current Microsoft technology solution.