6 Essential Billing Solutions to Drive Revenue

By September 14, 2020

Does your EHR solution follow the full behavioral health client life-cycle in a way that allows you to effectively manage your revenue cycle? If not, it may be time to consider a solution that does just that. Look for these six essential behavioral health billing solutions to ensure you maximize cash flow and improve your revenue cycle management. 

  • Billing Analytics. A fully integrated EHR billing solution will have a variety of standard reports that cover the billing analytics you need to track and measure key performance indicators. But don’t let that be the end of it. Be sure your solution is flexible enough to run ad hoc reports and monitor additional metrics. 
  • Automated Claims Posting. A complete billing solution automates time-consuming billing and revenue cycle management tasks such as claims posting. Spend less time on administrative to do’s and more time on engaging clients. 
  • Automated Claims Submission. Claims submission eliminates the time consuming, back and forth dialogue between clinicians and billing staff. A robust EHR billing solution allows you to submit claims faster. And of course, this means you get paid faster. 
  • Claims Status. The ability to track the status of your claims instantly is imperative with the current industry landscape. It’s vitally important for your agency to know daily accepted and rejected claims to help manage cash flow. 
  • Error Reporting. Efficiency is at its finest when claims issues are identified before claim creation and during submission. This will drastically reduce your rejection and denial rate of claims. 
  • Electronic Payments. Your EHR software should include a comprehensive revenue cycle management solution that allows you to import, process, and reconcile payments from a single system. 

A fully integrated behavioral health EHR solution offers the above billing features and more to improve your cash flow and optimize your revenue cycle management process. When you can measure and monitor your billing process daily, necessary changes can be made to ensure your agency is operating efficiently and effectively.

The Remarkable Health Difference 

Remarkable Health offers a fully integrated behavioral health EHR platform designed to create efficiencies that increase cash flow and improve revenue cycle management. A comprehensive set of billing solutions within your EHR, ultimately allows clinicians to spend more time on client care & creating wow moments in the lives of others. 

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