Are Your Billers & Clinicians the Next Batman & Robin?

By October 15, 2020

Behavioral health has experienced dramatic changes in service payment models, most prominently the current shift from the fee-for-service model to value-driven reimbursement. Remarkable Health conducted a survey in February 2019 to unearth the status of collective agency readiness, workflow pain points and ongoing needs to support clinical and billing staff in this shift. Beyond the data, what is the current story at your agency? Do you have the necessary tools to capture the best work of your clinicians while submitting quality and timely documentation through your billing team? After all, they are your Batman & Robin. The dynamic duo in which increased revenue is possible within this new environment.

Dashboards for Data Insights 

From our survey, many agencies report deep challenges in understanding how outcomes and billing data are affecting the agency’s bottom line. 42% of respondents identified minimal understanding of or access to predictive analytics tools—methods to analyze data patterns for improveclinical processes. More than 37% of respondents also named the inability to predict acceptable levels of agency risk, while 35% noted the difficulty of tracking actual unit costs for billing. Billing accuracy and efficiency equals revenue, yet 45% of respondents identified the inability to adequately track claims data as a hurdle to revenue. 

Remarkable Health helps providers overcome this challenge with Insights, our business intelligence dashboard, equipping agencies to maximize clinical and billing teams through accessible data (A/R balance/aging, claim status, unsigned notes, & more). To learn more about the vitality of data, check out our recent data blog series.  

Foundation of Staff Roles & Workflows 

Among the issues involved in moving toward successful VBP reimbursement processes, survey respondents identify serious gaps in IT capabilities and staff data capture capabilities, as well as disconnects in documentation workflow and time-to-bill conversions. The above data points also indicate the relative inability to track performance data and quality improvement initiatives, both of which are crucial to succeeding under the VBP reimbursement system. 

Remarkable Health’s EHR, CT|One, streamlines workflows and drives better outcomes along the entire clinical care, billing and reporting continuum. Inefficiencies are eliminated. Progress notes are simple. Claims get paid faster. Reports put data at your fingertips. 

Let Batman & Robin Fly 

In behavioral health, what your agency doesn’t know can impede your clinical success and business revenue under VBP. Now more than ever, agencies must evaluate their ability to perform under the VBP model, before the documentation gaps begin to hit the revenue stream. Above all, providers must grow beyond EHR technology that merely serves as an “electronic filing cabinet”. Join forces with a robust technology partner today and empower your clinical and billing teams to become the dynamic and powerful duo they were intended to be. 

To view more research findings, view our VBP Readiness presentation on SlideShare. 

About Remarkable Health 

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