The 5 Key Benefits of Remarkable Health’s Powerful CT|One Behavioral Health EHR Platform

Remarkable Health put years of experience and vast expertise with behavioral health EHR systems to bear in CT|One, an industry leading platform that provides behavioral health professionals with EHR benefits that improve client care and can boost your revenue.

Here are the top 5 benefits your behavioral agency will receive by implementing the CT|One EHR system.

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Centralized data
CT|One allows any authorized user to access data to optimize treatment and care plans across all clinicians and social workers involved with a client. Front and back office staff can access records for billing and revenue cycle management purposes, and executives can run reports that help identify critical business issues.

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Improved billing and reimbursements.
Behavioral health agencies and clinics can automate billings that are scrubbed clean and result in a high reimbursement rate, improving cashflow and impacting your bottom line.

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Advanced security and privacy measures.
Unlike paper records and charts, electronic health records protection is the highest level security that guards clients’ privacy against theft or destruction.

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Data + tools = optimized agency operations.
CT|One is a robust EHR system that allows management to analyze the data to discover optimization opportunities for agency operations. More importantly, it allows management to have a finger on the pulse of the agency at all times.

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Improved client care.
Most importantly, CT|One helps improve client care. Clinicians can spend more time with clients and less time in front of a computer. And with medication management, prescription errors are caught in real time, minimizing risk.

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